My Eyes

Oh HAI everybuddy! I am going to TELL you some GOOD news. I am ALMOST completely FREE of my eosinophilic granuloma complex! My LAST outbreak was about TWO DAYS after my annual vet exam back in DECEMBER! I think the STRESS brought it on.
I NEVER told you very MUCH about my CONDITION back then, because I did not want my friends to WORRY about me. But for over a YEAR I got TERRIBLE ulcers on my FACE and I got STEROID shots almost EVERY month. Here is one of my WORST ones. I hope you do not think LESS of me now that you SEE how sick I was back THEN.
I was looking BACK at some of my OLD pictures, and I see how SKINNY my face was then! Can you see my SWOLLEN lip?
Besides the ULCERS on my LIPS, I would get all SORTS of crazy symptoms like big LUMPS on my CHIN, blisters on my PAW pads, SCABS on the back of my THIGHS, and my MUZZLE would sometimes swell up and FLUID would leak out of my WHISKER holes!
Anyway, for SOME reason, I am almost COMPLETELY better, except when STRESS makes me get another outbreak. I just wanted to let you KNOW that I am GOOD now!