Cat and chicken pictures

Here are several pictures with cats and chickens. Wonderiing, just looking, annoying each other, in different situations.

cat looking at chickens
Cat looking at those chickens. Wondering or just waiting to jump?

tweet and cat
Tweets and cat hanging out.

black chickens and a cat
A black Frizzle Cochin chickens and cat.

rooster and cat
Big white rooster and a cat preparing for a battle.

poult and a cat
Small chick and a cat, on friendly afternoon.

A Delicious Cat Food

Here are some new treats we got! They are called Onesta Organics. First let me say that we bought these with our own monies, nobody from Onesta Organics contacted us, we are just giving our true opinion. Our Mommeh likes that their natural pet food products are 100% human grade, USDA certified organic, raw dehydrated. We got the chicken gizzard chews and the chicken hearts.
We also got some Pet Pasta for Bert and Ernie! We chose the bananner flavor, on account of they both like bananners.
Harley LOVES both the hearts and the gizzards.
I prefer the gizzards. If you decide to get some for yourself, just be aware that they are fairly hard/chewy so it takes a bit of getting used to the chewiness.
Here is a picture that shows what the treats look like.
This is Ernie enjoying his Pet Pasta. Nom, nom, nom!
Here is Bert eating his piece while Ernie looks on longingly. Do not worry, they both got equal shares!

The Pink Swan

I have always wanted to be a ballerina, so I got this beautiful pink ballet suit! Even though I am not good enough to play the White Swan, I think I would get the part of the Pink Swan.
Here, I will turn sideways so you can see all the fancy frilly layers. This dress is made for twirling and spinning all around!
And to realistically play the part of the Pink Swan, I must bundle up in layers of feathers. This boa should do the trick!
A prima ballerina must get lots of rest!
Harley, you can play the Black Swan!
ps: Do you like this new font? I think it is bigger so it might be easier to read.

A Shadow of My Cat

When you look at your shadow, I think you can see the hidden you! For example, I might really be a SHEEP!

WOWIE! I am a lot bigger than I even realized!
On the other hand, Harley might really be a WOLF!
Or a kangaroo!
But now I see his true inner self is revealed...
Harley is really a TAPIR!
ps: I do not know why Harley's shadows look so wacky, but this is exactly how they came out, no editing at all!

Cat Mania - more of my favourite cat photos

I've posted some of these on BigBlog already, so I'm sorry for the repeat. I've added a few more to keep it interesting for Doug and Grotty.

Doing these photo posts on both sights shows up the differences in the ease of posting photos. BS is much more user friendly for posting pics that is BP.

'I suppose you think this is funny!'


Practicing his balancing act!


'Don't even ask!!!'

'Oh yeah - Bloody hilarious!'

A-head of the rest

Bird Almanac?

The look on the dog's face says it all!



'What canary?'

'I've heard it before - but it still cracks me up!'

Cats in front of mirrors

reflection cat
The Margay (Leopardus wiedii) cat looking at her own reflection in the mirror. Photo was made in Colchester Zoo, Essex, England, by Law Keven.

cat and ikea mirror
Cat went mad in front of Ikea mirror. Photo by Surecat.

are they twins
Are those twins or it's just one cat next to the mirror?
Photo made by Some Toast

calico cat mirroring
Calico cat looking at herself at the mirror.
Photo by TrishHamme

Pierre the cat mirroring
Pierre the cat looking at the mirror. Looking curious.