Cat fitness program

Cat fitness really can be fun. However, it is important to start any fitness program only when you feel like it. Don't let a few extra pounds intimidate you into becoming more active. The most important aspect of fitness is: when to start the program. The best time is at about 2 a.m. The house is quiet; there are no distractions. The warm-up is critical. Cats are experts at stretching, so this won't be a problem. Start with a few wind sprints, full speed, toenails clicking on the tile or linoleum floors. A few low but loud growls will help you feel charged up.

Now it is time to add some eye-paw coordination work. Find a marble (the big steelies work even better) and roll that down the floor as the sprints continue. See how many times you can ricochet it off the wallboards before it disappears under the fridge. Finally, work on that upper body strength. Climbing is a great exercise. Use draperies, macrame plant hangers, or clothing on hangers. You can even find some carpeting on some basement walls. Backs of chairs work well, too.

Now put it all together. A speed sprint to the end of the hall! A race around the living room! Leap to the back of the rocking chair! Let the rebound launch you to the top of the swinging planter! Rock that baby! Feel those muscles work. Just as the hook pulls loose from the ceiling, dash to the bedroom and dive under the covers. Establish your alibi just in time to hear the crash of the plant to the floor below.

My Eyes

Oh HAI everybuddy! I am going to TELL you some GOOD news. I am ALMOST completely FREE of my eosinophilic granuloma complex! My LAST outbreak was about TWO DAYS after my annual vet exam back in DECEMBER! I think the STRESS brought it on.
I NEVER told you very MUCH about my CONDITION back then, because I did not want my friends to WORRY about me. But for over a YEAR I got TERRIBLE ulcers on my FACE and I got STEROID shots almost EVERY month. Here is one of my WORST ones. I hope you do not think LESS of me now that you SEE how sick I was back THEN.
I was looking BACK at some of my OLD pictures, and I see how SKINNY my face was then! Can you see my SWOLLEN lip?
Besides the ULCERS on my LIPS, I would get all SORTS of crazy symptoms like big LUMPS on my CHIN, blisters on my PAW pads, SCABS on the back of my THIGHS, and my MUZZLE would sometimes swell up and FLUID would leak out of my WHISKER holes!
Anyway, for SOME reason, I am almost COMPLETELY better, except when STRESS makes me get another outbreak. I just wanted to let you KNOW that I am GOOD now!

Emergency of a blocked cat

Is he making frequent trips to the litter box and not producing urine? Is he howling and licking his genitals? Is he laying on his side, not moving, listless, not eating, vomiting?

If the cat is a male, he is at risk for an especially life-threatening complication of this syndrome: the urinary blockage.DO NOT PUT OFF HAVING THE CAT CHECKED! If the blockage persists for longer than 24 hours,urinary toxins will have started to build up in the system.

Mucus, crystals and even tiny bladder stones can clump together to form an actual plug in the narrow male cat urethra. The opening is so small that it does not take a lot to completely or even partially obstruct urine flow. Only a few drops of urine are produced or sometimes no urine at all is produced.

It is hard to tell when a cat is actually blocked as the inflammation, urgency, and non-productive straining also accompany cystitis whether or not there is a blockage. The easiest way to tell is by actually feeling in the belly for the presence of a distended bladder. It is often the size of a peach and about as hard and firm as a peach if it there is an obstruction. (Normal bladders are usually soft like partly filled water balloons and non-obstructed inflamed bladders are usually very small or empty). Still, while this size and texture difference is obvious to the veterinarian, most pet owners are not able to feel for the bladder correctly. If there is any question about whether a male cat is blocked, he should be taken to the vet for evaluation as soon as possible.

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Feeling Blue

Here I am modeling just the skirt so you can see the fancy diamond trim. Do you see the shiny silver underskirt? I know it is a little bit Wrong to model topless, but I think it would be more Wrong for you to miss seeing my pretty skirt.
Ta da! Here is the matching top. The top has a fancy built-in string of pearls. They are not as good as REAL pearls, but almost. Can you see the ribbon that is stuck to my shirt? That part is real!
Please to place a matching pearl bracelet upon my dainty paw!
I will pose real upright so you can see my entire ensemble.
And now for the pièce de résistance. That word is just a fancy way of saying "the best part"! Since my outfit is blue, I can pair it with my glamorous blue coat.

Friend or Foe?

This is Daisy's sock-kitty FRIEND named Craisy. If she is a friend of DAISY'S, I think she will be MY FRIEND, too! This is me and CRAISY just HANGING out.
UH OH! Craisy is getting a little bit.... CRAZY! She's got me in a HEADLOCK!
CRAISY! I surrender!

Monday Not-So-Funnies

I am very sorry there are no Monday Funnies today. A bad, bad, bad thing happened over the weekend. Can you tell I am skerred and crabilated?
Look! We saw this water spot on the ceiling and it turns out we have a LEAK under the shower. And I also found out that Ceiling Cat does not live here.
Harley is very skerred and upset, too!
This is a giant and LOUD fan that is running for DAYS until the water dries up. The thing on the right is called a de-humidifier. I am very, very skerred of all the noise.
There is also a fan and dehumidifier in the big bathroom upstairs. This means nobuddy can sleep in the master bedroom and we are camped out in the guest room.
I am getting more brave around the fan, but I still do not LIKE it.
Here is a movie so you can see what it is like!
You can also click here to watch in full size on YouTube!

I am very sorry that I will not be able to visit as much as I would like, and I am on a hiatus from modeling. No cat can model with this much racket and confusion around! Luckily I have some posts already made in advance.

Once the ceiling is dried up, they have to tear up the shower and replace something called the shower pan, and then rebuild the shower, and then fix the ceiling.

Monday Funnies