Monday Not-So-Funnies

I am very sorry there are no Monday Funnies today. A bad, bad, bad thing happened over the weekend. Can you tell I am skerred and crabilated?
Look! We saw this water spot on the ceiling and it turns out we have a LEAK under the shower. And I also found out that Ceiling Cat does not live here.
Harley is very skerred and upset, too!
This is a giant and LOUD fan that is running for DAYS until the water dries up. The thing on the right is called a de-humidifier. I am very, very skerred of all the noise.
There is also a fan and dehumidifier in the big bathroom upstairs. This means nobuddy can sleep in the master bedroom and we are camped out in the guest room.
I am getting more brave around the fan, but I still do not LIKE it.
Here is a movie so you can see what it is like!
You can also click here to watch in full size on YouTube!

I am very sorry that I will not be able to visit as much as I would like, and I am on a hiatus from modeling. No cat can model with this much racket and confusion around! Luckily I have some posts already made in advance.

Once the ceiling is dried up, they have to tear up the shower and replace something called the shower pan, and then rebuild the shower, and then fix the ceiling.