A Delicious Cat Food

Here are some new treats we got! They are called Onesta Organics. First let me say that we bought these with our own monies, nobody from Onesta Organics contacted us, we are just giving our true opinion. Our Mommeh likes that their natural pet food products are 100% human grade, USDA certified organic, raw dehydrated. We got the chicken gizzard chews and the chicken hearts.
We also got some Pet Pasta for Bert and Ernie! We chose the bananner flavor, on account of they both like bananners.
Harley LOVES both the hearts and the gizzards.
I prefer the gizzards. If you decide to get some for yourself, just be aware that they are fairly hard/chewy so it takes a bit of getting used to the chewiness.
Here is a picture that shows what the treats look like.
This is Ernie enjoying his Pet Pasta. Nom, nom, nom!
Here is Bert eating his piece while Ernie looks on longingly. Do not worry, they both got equal shares!