Help prevent lose, get your Cat microchipped

"Our pets can be separated from us due to unforeseen reasons even when we are very careful. It can happen to you."

A family member is visiting or the cleaning person is over and your pet sneaks out. A hurricane can separate us from our pets too.

You have seen news media on lost pets due to hurricanes its heartbreaking!

A microchip is a small rice like capsule that is injected into the skin by the shoulder blades. Microchiping is easy and painless and can be done by a shelter or your veterinarian.

If you adopt a pet from a shelter alot of time they are already micro chipped. If your pet is lost and someone brings them to a shelter or vet clinic they will be scanned and that number will register to you.

It is very important that you fill out all paperwork and mail in the registration and be sure to contact the microchip company when you move to update your new address!

Carolyn Nassif
Purr'fect Pet Sitting For Cats
Sarasota fl.